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“Being part of a community not only connects us with like minded people, it also allows for the sharing of ideas and knowledge. And the Laser Made Simple community is no exception. Trevor is a friendly host, happy to share his wealth of knowledge to all and finds answers when needed. The members benefit by sharing their own projects and experiences to others and are able to get feedback, ideas and solutions in return.”
Heulwyn Roberts
“I originally came across Trevor’s YouTube channel back when I was anxiously awaiting the completion of my Epilog. Once I started diving into social media a little more, I was glad to come across Trevor again. He recently invited me to join his ‘Lasers Made Simple’ community and I am loving it! The ease of messaging other members, sharing projects, asking questions, etc. It has been such a welcoming community and I’m excited to dive in even more! Thanks Trevor! ”
Dawn Orzano,
Sonder Laser Studios