How to do Print and Cut with Registration Dots and a Laser

One of the coolest things about using a laser is being able to create print and cut designs. If you have a printer you can use registration dots and the registration dot camera system on the Epilog Fusion Pro series to laser cut around printed designs. This can be very useful and in my mind is an essential feature if you plan to create printed projects with laser-cut elements.

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Let’s jump into the project.

Table of Contents

Materials Used

This is a list of all the materials that were used to create this project. These items may contain affiliate links.

  • Printed design from Epilog tradeshows

Machinery and Settings Used

This is a list of all the machines and their respective settings that were used to create this project. These items may contain affiliate links.

  • Machine Model
    • Epilog Fusion Pro 36
      • Vector Cut Through Settings Used
        • Speed: 30%
        • Power: 15%
        • Frequency: 50%
      • Perforated Cut Settings Used
        •  Speed: 30% 
        •  Power: 10%
        • Frequency: 2%

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1 – Set-up the Design with Registration Dots

In this example, I’m using a file that Epilog is using for tradeshows. In the design, there are three different colors. 

Green – registration dots that are ~0.25″ in diameter

Blue – for perforated cuts

Red – for cut through elements

Step 2 – Input Settings in Laser Software

In Epilog’s laser software, each color has to be set up individually. For the green, select the registration option in that box’s bottom right-hand corner. For the Blue, use the perforated cut settings above. For the Red, use the cut-through settings above. 

Step 3

Once the settings are input, follow the prompts for the registration process. It will start by selecting the first registration dot and then the second. Once those dots are in the system it will align the design to your print and show this on the camera system. From there, send it over to the laser and cut it out.

Finished Project

Once the cutting is complete, you’ll be able to finish your project.

Trevor Wanamaker

Trevor Wanamaker

Trevor Wanamaker is the owner of Maker Experiment and Lasers Made Simple. He works with Epilog Laser and LogoJET on creating video content for his YouTube channel Maker Experiment. In addition to this he works with other laser businesses to help them grow their own profitable laser businesses.