Unlock Your Creativity with Laser-Customized IKEA Products!

Unlock Your Creativity with Laser-Customized IKEA Products! There are a lot of stores out there where you can find items that you can customize. Some that come to mind are Target, IKEA, Walmart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and so many more. For this video, my goal is to go to IKEA and see what we can find and buy some awesome stuff that we can customize with a CO2 laser.

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Table of Contents

Materials Used

Here are some of the items that I am using in this video. It may not be an all-inclusive list, but IKEA has many great things.

Machinery and Settings Used

This is a list of all the machines and their respective settings that were used to create this project. These items may contain affiliate links.

  • Machine Model
    • Epilog Fusion Maker
      • Raster Settings Used
        • Speed: 35%
        • Power: 100%
        • DPI: 400
        • Dithering: Jarvis

Full Video

Laser-Customized IKEA Products

For this video, I am engraving two items that I bought, but don’t worry because I will be doing more videos in the future with the other items that I bought. I am customizing some glassware as those tend to be big sellers. If you’re looking to sell custom products, some of the most popular options that you can find at IKEA are cutting boards, serving trays, wooden spoons, glassware, floor mats, mirrors, and so much more! Honestly, your creativity will be your only limit. 

Trevor Wanamaker

Trevor Wanamaker

Trevor Wanamaker is the owner of Maker Experiment and Lasers Made Simple. He works with Epilog Laser and LogoJET on creating video content for his YouTube channel Maker Experiment. In addition to this he works with other laser businesses to help them grow their own profitable laser businesses.