2023 ISA Expo: You Won’t Believe What We Found!

Every year there are tradeshows highlighting the latest machinery and supplies in the sign industry. The ISA Expo 2023 is one of these shows that takes place in Las Vegas. This show is a great way to see sign machines such as lasers and CNCs, LED supply companies, acrylic suppliers, and so much more. This show is a must-see if you are making signs as part of your business.

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Video Tutorial

What You Can Expect

When attending the show, there are a ton of booths to see and honestly, it would be difficult to see everything in a day. I’ve tried in the past and it just wasn’t possible if you want to actually speak to the companies. For this trip, I decided to take some pictures along the way. Below you can see some of the companies and products that are at these shows.

Overall Experience

The pictures above are just a few of the things that can be seen at the show. Two things that are new to me are the c channel letter 3D printer that they have running at the G2G Lighting booth as well as the new types of neon strips and lighting solutions. If you have the time to go to a show like this, it is well worth the trip.

Trevor Wanamaker

Trevor Wanamaker

Trevor Wanamaker is the owner of Maker Experiment and Lasers Made Simple. He works with Epilog Laser and LogoJET on creating video content for his YouTube channel Maker Experiment. In addition to this he works with other laser businesses to help them grow their own profitable laser businesses.